Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Revisionism and the Freedom Movement
Ralph Raico on essential history for libertarians.

The Virtue of Peace, the Evil of War
Alex Jones talks to Lew Rockwell.

10 Personal Safety Rules
Trust your fear, save your life. Article by David Bergland.

American Conservatism Is Rotten
For example, it’s Keynesian to the core, says Gary North.

Remember the Anthrax Attacks of 2001?
They were a US false flag.

Call the Anti-Police
Will Grigg on ending the State’s “security” monopoly.

The Old America
Fred Reed on his 50th high-school reunion.

Scots: Ask Yourselves One Question
What would Braveheart do? Article by Pat Buchanan.

A Jackboot on Your Throat
John Whitehead on the loss of freedom since 9/11.

A New Birth of Freedom
Scotland can do it, says Martin Armstrong.

Why Not Pay College Athletes?
The NCAA is a racket.

Want to Improve Your Digestion?
Then start with what you choose to eat, says Margaret Durst.