Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

How Libertarians Sell Out
To the State. Story by Murray Rothbard.

Civilized Warfare
Is there such a thing?

More Climate Baloney

From baloney headquarters. Article by Gary North.

The Secret Service’s Open-Door Policy
James Huang on yet another “lone nut.”

You, Too, Can Be a Snitch
See something, say something. Article by John Whitehead.

Bread, Circuses, and Bombs
The decline of the Roman and American empires.

The Erupting US Armageddon
In the Middle East and beyond
. Article by Jack Douglas.

Lying Neocons and MSM
Bring nuclear war closer with a new $1 trillion subsidy for atomic bombs. Article by Robert Parry.

The Big Picture for Gold and Silver

And, btw, do you know where yours is?

7 Most Annoying Myths About Flying

Patrick Smith sets the record straight.

Guys, Why Pay Retail?

How to talk yourself into a deal at the big home improvement stores. Article by Kyle James.

Death by Almonds?
The government’s war on B-17.