Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

Don’t Bomb ISIS
Syria, Iraq, Iran, or anyplace else. Article by Eric Margolis.

Electing Psychopaths Just Makes Them Worse
Mike Rozeff on politicians.

Want To Escape From the Hood?
Victor Ward tells you how.

A 10,000 Person Multilingual Dance Troup
US-Nato threats against Russia won’t work, says Jack Douglas.

The Justification for Government Is a Fraud
As are the criminals who promote it. Article by Paul Rosenberg.

The West Paves the Road to World War
With lies, says Paul Craig Roberts.

You Evil Cash Hoarder
In fact, it’s wise to keep your money and gold out of the banks, says Adrian Ash.

Know Your 4th Amendment Rights Like This Guy
Man shuts down unruly cops trying to force an illegal search. (NB: bad language.)

How To Speak Airline
Patrick Smith translates the jargon, acronyms, and confusing euphemisms.

The US Has Sponsored Terrorism in the Middle East
Since at least 1948.

As Jennifer Lawrence Discovered, Your Photos Aren’t Safe
Hackers used government spyware to data-rob iCloud, says Alfredo Lopez.

For Weight-Loss, Cooking, Health, and Beauty
Daisy Luther and Gaye Levy on the almost unlimited uses of the prepper’s friend: coconut oil.