Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You Thought Ron Paul Was Outspoken When He Was in Congress? You Won't Believe What He's Saying Now

-Motley Fool
The "intellectual godfather" of the Tea Party movement, Ron Paul represented the voters of Texas in Congress for nearly a quarter-century -- raising Cain the whole way. He's criticized the war on drugs and the war in Iraq, supported less government spending and lower taxes, and even called Ronald Reagan's term as president "disgraceful." A libertarian at heart, there's probably not a voter on either the right or the left that he hasn't irked at one time or another over four decades of government service.

Paul retired from Congress in 2013 and now heads the Voices of Liberty website, where he seeks to "rally liberty-minded activists, influence the climate of ideas, and offer actionable solutions on issues of importance to American liberty and freedom." We reached out to Paul to hear his thoughts on how foreign relations and foreign policy are impacting the U.S. economy in general, and U.S. defense companies in particular.

Here's what he had to say, in his own words.