Monday, October 13, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

The Great Father Personality Cult
Presidents are like divinized Roman emperors, says Jack Perry.

Turn the Crooked International Monetary System on Its Ear
Jeff Deist and Claudio Grass on the Swiss Gold Referendum.

What Europe Needs (and the US, Too)
Political fragmentation, no central banking, and an international gold coin standard. Article by Gary North.

Marc Faber on government’s response to the decline in global growth.

Contra-Cocaine-CIA Connection
Robert Parry on the destruction and death of the reporter who exposed it.

2014 ‘Picks of the Litter’
9 new car recommendations from Eric Peters.

The Left Is Viciously Pro-War
The long, sordid record.

The Oil Weapon
It’s the regime’s way to make war and foreign policy.

The Sanctions of Obama the Hun
They’re wrecking Europe, says Martin Armstrong.

How To Wear a Leather Jacket With Style
And how to select the right one for you. Article by Antonio Centeno.

The Detention of Americans with ‘Respiratory Illnesses’
The dictator revels in his order to suspend civil rights.

How To Be a Prepper

So you’re ready for anything, natural or unnatural (that is, governmental). Article by Daisy Luther.