Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Government Claims To Keep Us Safe
Meaning shoving us in a cage, or strapping us to a rack. Article by Andrew Napolitano.

Imperial Foreign Policy
It’s burning God’s people and earth. Article by Mike Rozeff.

The Ebola Story
It doesn’t smell right, says Paul Craig Roberts.

Good Riddance to QE
It was just financial fraud, says David Stockman.

Zombies R Us
John Whitehead on the American walking dead.

Feds To Import More Foreign Ebola Carriers
Just how much does the government hate us? Article by Robert Wenzel.

The Constitution Protects Nobody

Martin Armstrong on how cops terrorize innocent people.

The Good School District
It’s a myth, says Brian Wilson.

Want More Social Conflict?
Then you want more politics, says Ryan McMaken.

Randian Warmongers for Freedom?
Confusing if occasionally insightful.

15 Spookiest Episodes
From old-time horror radio. Article by Jeremy Anderberg.

Want To Stay Healthy?

Don’t consume these 6 immune system wreckers, says Daisy Luther.