Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

In the American Kangaroo Court System
The NSA Is the prosecution’s evil accomplice. Article by Andrew Napolitano.

The Great Father Don’t Hunt
Jack Perry on why the state police can’t find an alleged shooter in the woods.

How Empires End
Charles Hugh Smith on the characteristics of imperial decay.

Can the CDC Save Us?
In fact, it’s sort of Assistant Ebola. Article by Ryan McMaken.

What’s Jim Rogers Buying Now?
His outlook may surprise you.

Will the Catalonia Independence Vote Prevail?
8 things to know.

A Right-Left Alliance
We need it to stop the ISIS war, says David Swanson.

Is the US Government Importing Ebola?
Aaron David Ward on suspicious behavior.

Outrage in Madrid
As government kills Spanish nurse’s dog.

How Well Do You Know the World’s Beers?

Take the quiz.

Top 5 Foods for Immunity
Prevent and treat illness with these medicinal powerhouses.

What Is a Googolplex?
One of 10 enormous numbers in the world.