Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

The Real History of Slavery
Wake up students, says Thomas Sowell.

Self Defense and War
David Gordon on why Murray Rothbard is right, and not the pro-war Richard Epstein.

Coming: Much More Distrust of Government
And other side effects of the Ebola pandemic and panic. Article by Gary North.

Doctors Denounce CDC
For its lying and deadly incompetence.

It’s an old Western tradition. Article by Pat Buchanan.

NATO Games in Ukraine
Stephen Cohen asks, will they result in nuclear war?

The Mysterious Participant in the JFK Murder
Judyth Vary Baker, Lee Oswald’s girlfriend, on David Ferrie.

Living in a Police State
John Whitehead on Orwell 2014.

Why I Won’t Vote This Year
Or any year.

Just Ghost
Don’t make a big deal about yourself when leaving a gathering, says Seth Stephenson.

Oxbridge Interview Questions
Are you clever enough to get in?

10 Facts About Caring for Your Kidneys
Edward Group on removing stones and detoxing.