Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

The Dangers of Ancestor Worship
David Hathaway on its role in warmongering, statism, and death churches.

Pro-Gold Guys Ahead in Switzerland
In the first poll on the coming referendum.

US Bureaucracy Is Losing Its Mind, and Its Grip
Gary North on bagpipes and liberty

Fight the Deep State
Sibel Edmonds on the power of self-publishing.

Is the Chair of St. Peter Vacant?
Pat Buchanan on what happened in Rome.

The US Promised Not To Weaponize Ebola
Did it keep its word? Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

Don’t Become a Debt Slave
Eric Peters on buying a new car.

The Rich Man’s Panic of 2014
Martin Armstrong on the bloodbath in hedge funds.

Governments, as Parasites, Feast on Inflation
Economies, as productive forces, are poisoned by it. Article by Peter Schiff.

The Battle for Raw Milk
It heats up in Wisconsin and Illinois. Article by Dr, Joe Mercola.

22 Ways To Get a Better Night’s Sleep
Steps to prepare your mind and body.

Ebola: a Scurvy-Like Illness?
Dr. David Brownstein on oral and intravenous vitamin C.