Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Cheap Energy, Cheap Water
Freedom and decentralization, here we come, says Gary North.

Will the Fed take the Drunkbowl Away?
Astronomical money printing will lead to a lot of pain for everyone, says Jim Rogers.

Politician-Created Money Is Coming to an End
Ron Paul on the global conversation triggered by the Swiss gold referendum.

Progressivism Is Ideological Ebola
Chris Rossini on Jim Ostrowski’s handbook for battle.

The Threat of the Political Elite
Failed lawyers with big guns. Article by Martin Armstrong.

Is All Conventional Wisdom Wrong?
People with no fever or other symptoms can still spread Ebola.

Automotive Safety Inspections
Eric Peters on nonsense and force.

Pentagon Quarantines Ebola Soldiers
In Italy.

5 Discreet Weapons
You can carry (almost) anywhere. Article by Scott Kelley.

Top 40 Space Movies
Do you agree?

Will the Feds Loot Your Retirement Account?
Or do they have some other scheme in the works. Article by Mark Nestmann.

8 Impressive Health Benefits
Of an ancient spice. Article by Edward Group.