Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

The Myth of ‘National Unity’
Tom DiLorenzo on Northern opposition to Lincoln’s War.

JFK’s Meth Connection
Was Dr Feelgood also a communist spy? Article by Bill Birnes.

Rules for Resisting the Police State
John Whitehead on protecting yourself and your freedoms.

Dangerous Nonsense
On Beltway libertarianism and religion.

Accept Defeat, Scotland
Despite UK warnings, many Scots are not surrendering.

A Letter From Liberia
Patrick Smith reports from Roberts Field, near Monrovia.

The US Is Copying Ancient Athens

So long, says Martin Armstrong.

Is Martial Law Imminent?
Because the government imported Ebola. Article by Brian Wilson.

Extreme Nutrition
How to make a turbo-charged drink.

Ebola Equipment and Procedures Fail
Spanish nurse infected; 22 others were in contact with her.

Are You Eating Enough?
Liz Bennett on keeping your muscle while burning fat.

Feds Forced To Confess Under Pressure
Ebola can be transmitted via coughing and sneezing.