Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

The Great Father’s Toxic Relationships
Jack Perry on the latest disastrous break-up.

Is Bitcoin an Anti-State Currency?
Or a State-caused one? Article by David Hathaway.

Did the US Produce Airborne Ebola
As a strategic weapon? Article by Bob Wenzel.

The State, a Singularity
In violent criminality. Article by Ferdinand Hoischen.

The Right To Discriminate
It’s essential to capitalism and private property. Article by Nicholas Freiling.

NYC Prepared To Handle Ebola?
Cops discard their gear in curbside trash basket after cleaning patient’s apartment.

Department of Defense Declares War
On the Sun.

Canadian Terror Wave
A modern-day Gladio? Article by Tony Cartalucci.

10 Most Ridiculous Excuses
For skipping work.

The Purpose of Terrorists
To justify and expand the Warfare State, says Martin Armstrong.

What Are you Breathing?
10 unpleasant facts about indoor air pollution. Article by Dr. Edward Group.

My Top 5 Superfoods
Dr. Joe Mercola on why he chooses these powerhouse fruits and vegetables.