Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Murder the Enemy Civilians

-Lew Rockwell
Deliberate civilian killing has long been US policy, though not always admitted as such. That’s why it’s far more dangerous to be a civilian in a country being liberated–in the old military slang sense–by the empire than to be a US soldier. Now the US does admit it. It’s the war to end some atrocities by committing many more.

The anti-Christian effects of the US invasion of Iraq have been horrific, as an anti-Islamicist dictator and protector of Christians and other minorities was lynched. The overthrow of Assad, the last dictatorial, anti-Islamicist protector of Christians and other minorities, will be horrific as well. Why is the US State doing this? Aside from the fact that’s it a death cult, that is. To control through destruction, for itself and its chief regional satrap. Next on the murder list, Iran.