Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No, You’re Not a Dummy for Believing in God

-Tom Woods
Among libertarians one finds quite a spectrum with regard to belief in God. Among the atheists, some (though by no means all) seem to have a bit of superiority complex — why, they’re just too darn sophisticated to believe in God, unlike these weaklings who need a crutch, etc.

On my show today I explained why it is not at all unreasonable or “irrational” to believe in God. I went through one of Thomas Aquinas’ “five ways.” The chances that an undergraduate will be exposed at any length to Thomism is about on par with his chances of encountering Austrian economics. It is surprising and disappointing to see libertarians acting like Paul Krugman, who can’t be bothered even to state Austrian business cycle theory correctly before laughing it off. We must demand more of ourselves. Even if you don’t ultimately agree with theists, at least find out what they’re saying before launching into ridicule.