Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ron Paul & Julie Borowski on Ebola, Drug War and Libertarianism

-Voices of Liberty
In an interview with former Congressman Ron Paul, political analyst for FreedomWorks and VOL Contributor Julie Borowski shares her thoughts on the Ebola crisis, discovering libertarianism and educating others (including her own parents) on the ideas of liberty.

On FreedomWorks’ perspective on Ebola, Borowski said, “I know the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, have been saying oh, the sequester cuts are hurting us and we don’t have enough money. We’ve been saying that’s not true. There’s so much waste in the CDC. You don’t need any more money to solve this. … I just personally think it’s not that it’s not that big of a deal. I think a lot of people are panicking over nothing. I think, really, the market can solve it more than the government can.”

Do you agree that the market can do a better job solving the Ebola “crisis” than the government? Share your thoughts in the comments!