Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ron Paul: Stingy Soros Wants $20 Billion from IMF to Confront Russia

George Soros has spoken. Russia is 100 percent to blame for the civil war in Ukraine. He has declared Russia an existential threat to Europe.

The big problem, Soros claims, is the Europeans are too austere and won’t spend the money to confront Russia over the Ukraine issue. The easy solution, he argues, is for the IMF to cough up $20 billion as a starter to take on Russia. This sounds like a good way for Western Ukraine and parts of Europe to endure a cold winter, which is fast approaching.

Paul Krugman would be proud. Soros, although stingy with his own money, believes governments and taxpayers must spend endlessly for whatever cause and ignore the deficit. We won’t hear the likes of George Soros admitting that the current crisis in Ukraine started with an unsustainable government debt. Also, we’ll never hear from him or others, including U.S. officials, that overthrowing the elected leader Yanukovych has created the mess that Soros believes he can clean up with the IMF and U.S. money.

Soros, pure and simply, is a war propagandist and seems to have an irrational hatred toward the Russian people. He, of course, simplified this by saying it’s all Putin’s fault; the international financiers and the neocons are innocent, and all are misbehaving. Sure.