Friday, October 3, 2014

Ron Paul to Harry Reid: No More Delays on Audit the Fed!

-Campaign for Liberty
SPRINGFIELD, Virginia – Today, Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to hold a vote on Audit the Fed legislation as soon as Congress returns for its lame duck session. H.R. 24, “Audit the Fed,” passed the House of Representatives in September by an overwhelming majority vote of 333-92, and Senator Rand Paul’s Senate companion legislation, S. 209, has 31 cosponsors.

Dr. Paul tells Harry Reid in a letter sent to his office, “Unfortunately, despite telling voters in a debate during your heated re-election campaign in 2010 that you support auditing the Fed and even called for a Fed audit in 1987, you have prevented this legislation from having the simple up-or-down vote it deserves in the Senate as a standalone bill since the 111th Congress.

“Again, I would urge you to act quickly to do what is right politically, philosophically, and economically for our country by scheduling a vote on S. 209, or its House counterpart, at the beginning of the lame duck session.”