Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ron Paul's Foreword to My New Book

Ron Paul's Foreword to My New Book, Real Dissent

Ron Paul was generous enough to write the foreword to my latest book, Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable OpinionSupporters of my show receive the Kindle edition as a thank you, and here’s a link to the paperback edition. And find a link to the free audiobook version at

Here's his foreword:

I’ve been delighted to endorse the work of Tom Woods over the years, beginning with The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History in 2004, and continuing with Tom’s books Rollback33 Questions About American History You’re Not Supposed to Ask, and Meltdown. I actually wrote the foreword to Meltdown, Tom’s book on the financial crisis. If you had told me even ten years ago that a book written from the point of view of the Austrian School of economics, and which showed that economic downturns are caused not by the free market but by the Federal Reserve’s interventions into the free market, would spend ten weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, I wouldn’t have believed it.

During my presidential campaigns, Tom wrote some of the most effective replies to some of my unkindest critics. Whenever a popular Internet site would run an article with a title like “Ron Paul’s 15 Most Extreme Positions,” I knew Tom was on the case. His responses, both on his YouTube channel and in writing, were always informed, funny, and devastating.

Tom and I have worked together closely over the years. I asked him to write the Mission Statement and Statement of Principles for Campaign for Liberty, the organization I founded after the 2008 campaign. I invited him to testify before Congress about auditing the Federal Reserve. I’ve invited him to be the opening speaker for me on many occasions, and he spoke at our great Rally for the Republic in 2008. Today, Tom is doing some of his most important work of all, because of the lasting impact it will surely have: he’s designing courses for the Ron Paul Curriculum, my K-12 homeschool program.

The book you hold in your hands is great fun to read, but it’s also filled with useful debating points that will come in handy as you make the case for the free society with friends and family. In endorsing one of Tom’s previous books I called him one of the libertarian movement’s brightest and most prolific scholars, and I am delighted to commend his new book to you. You will enjoy it, and profit from it.

Got Any Questions for Me?

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