Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How I Answer Common Statist Arguments

-The Tom Woods Letter
Hello again!

Since January 2013, I have devoted nearly all my time to preparing, recording, and editing hundreds of video lessons for the Ron Paul homeschool program. It's probably the most rewarding, not to mention important, work I've done. But it's been very, very challenging. So far I have done 320 videos. I have hundreds more to go.

But four months from now, Western Civilization II, the course I'm preparing now, will be finished, and I'll have only my course on the U.S. Constitution, which will be a lot easier on me, still to complete. I can hardly believe that the most challenging parts of this overwhelming task will soon be behind me.

Not coincidentally, in early 2015 I'll be launching an exciting new project with economist and frequent Tom Woods Show guest Bob Murphy! I guarantee you guys are going to love this, and it's free!

One last thing on the homeschooling: you can check out the topics in my Western Civilization I and Government courses for the Ron Paul program at the special site I set up to make the courses available a la carte, if you'd like to see the topics covered. (The Western Civ II course I'm working on right now is not yet available at that site.) No adult taking these courses will feel talked down to, I assure you! Check them out to see what I've been up to for nearly two years now! Thanks so much for taking a moment to look.