Friday, November 7, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

You Are Not Your Brother’s Keeper
According to the Bible. Article by Gary North.

Where are the “Moderate” Christians?
As compared to the “moderate” Muslims. Article by Will Grigg.

Memo to the Swiss
On the coming gold referendum, from Peter Schiff.

Triumph of the Zombies
McConnell, etc. Article by Bill Bonner.

The Most Violent, Destructive Entity on Earth
Robert Ferguson on why we all must repudiate the US government.

The Mayor Throws Tootsie Rolls to Kids
It’s politics in a 100-calorie nutshell. Article by James Bovard.

US Mint Suspends Silver Sales
Mike Maloney on what this might mean.

Do You Think It Matters Which Party Controls the Senate
Answer these questions, says Charles Hugh Smith.

Pay the Fine or Pay the Shyster
Eric Peters on how the legal cartel manufactures nasty work for itself.

The electronic archipelago of domestic surveillance.

How Good Is Your Vocabulary?
Take the quiz.

15 Strategies To Prevent Brain Disorders
Dr. Joe Mercola on the links between vitamin D deficiency and dementia.