Friday, November 14, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy
Claudio Grass on Murray Rothbard’s illuminating power-elite analysis.

Russian Plane Disabled US Warship’s Missile System
Another Pentagon triumph. Article by Gary North.

Whither Stocks Without QE?
Peter Schiff on what’s ahead.

Endless Mass Murder
It’s the keystone policy of empire.

Is the US Trying To Discredit the Gold Standard?
This time by having ISIS adopt it.

NATO 1949
The origins of an offensive, expansionist, imperialist military alliance.

Could We Rebuild Civilization From Scratch?
7 essential books to help us master the basics.

Kentucky Cops Raid Teenage Party
Deputy faces no charges after shooting girl to death.

Post-Funeral Gun Grab
Cops try to seize weapons of the recently departed, without a warrant, of course.

Brushing and Flossing Are Good for Your Brain
Dr. Victor Marchione on the connection between oral hygiene and Alzheimer’s.

Can You Cope Without Running Water?
16 tips for surviving your personal water apocalypse. Article by Gaye Levy.

How To Defend Your Right To Know and Your Freedom To Choose
Dr. Joe Mercola on vaccination.