Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Eric Holder the 2nd?
Andrew Napolitano on the horrible new attorney general.

Crony Environmentalism
Tom DiLorenzo on how Algore became a billionaire.

Veterans Wish They Could Kill
War-cheering patriots.

The Case for Anarcho-Optimism
Jeff Deist on hope.

Protection Against Nuclear Attack
With free-market bunkers. Article by Robert Wenzel.

81% Want To Split From Spain

Millions vote against centralized tyranny, despite threats.

The General’s Hands Get Bloodier
As he engineers even more civilian murders.

Things Cars Don’t Have
But should. Article by Eric Peters.

Cops and Prosecutors Lie
Witnesses are fooled. Paul Huebl on US courts.

Which Cities and States Will Be the First To Default?
When the rconomy rolls over. Article by Charles Hugh Smith.

No Touching at Downton Abbey
Orders to the actors.

5 Factors That Can Fatten Your Waistline
No matter how much you diet and exercise. Article by Dr. Joe Mercola.