Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Eidtion

The GOP Fraud
On war, abortion, and so much else. Article by Andrew Napolitano.

When Hayek Betrayed Mises
And proclaimed support for the welfare state. Article by Gary North.

Max Lerner, the Ultimate Neocon
I hate him, says Murray Rothbard.

Ron Paul on the ludicrous “two-party” system.

Alan Greenspan to Marc Faber
“I never said the Fed was independent.”

Civil Disobedience for Secession
Catalonia will defy the central government and hold an independence vote on Sunday.

The American Secret Police
John Whitehead on the Feebies.

The Deep State Plot
To elect Ronald Reagan. Article by Peter Dale Scott.

Think American Interest Rates Are Low?
A German bank now punishes savers by making them pay, with a negative interest rate.

Has Ebola Mutated To Evade Diagnosis?
Fear of a new chain of infections arise in another W. African area.

Western Media Disguise
Who really downed the Malaysian jetliner over Ukraine.

Influenza in the Time of Ebola
6 essential sanitary measures to prevent the spread of infection. Article by Dr. Joe Alton.