Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Forget the ‘Scholar-Athlete’
Walter Williams on vast academic cheating at big basketball-football schools.

Government of the Sociopaths, by the Sociopaths, for the Sociopaths
Jeff Thomas on who rules.

Bittersweet Memories of an Election 50 Years Ago
And the fraud called the conservative movement. Article by David Franke.

Presidential Crimes
Then and now. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

Why I Could Never Be Elected to Office
Laurence Vance has 25 reasons.

Killer on the Loose
Did cops botch a case to punish an honest DA? Article by Will Grigg.

Against the Democrats
But for what? Pat Buchanan on the GOP.

How To Rig Elections—Easily
Robert Willmann, Jr., on the trump card.

Forget Elections
Ron Holland voted with his feet.

The Drone Zapper
China unveils a new laser weapon.

Are You Copper Deficient?
Edward Group on the confusion about this vital healing element.

Weapons of Flu Destruction
Margaret Durst on how to stock your arsenal.