Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

The World Doesn’t Need More Democracy
It needs more freedom, which is a very different thing, says Joe Sobran.

The Religion of Mass Murder
Laurence Vance on the Apostle Woodrow’s perverted foreign policy.

Oligarch Sheldon Adelson Wins
The rest of us lose. Article by Ron Paul.

The Willful Ignorance of North Americans
About life in Latin America. Article by Fred Reed.

Stalemated Slaughterhouse
Hunt Tooley on the horrific trench massacres of WWI.

The Epiphany From Hell
The Mogambo Guru on how to rescue yourself from the demons.

Not So Fast on Bill Cosby
Robert Wenzel on inconvenient facts about Hollywood. NB: adult language.

Is El Supremo Incompetent?
Walter Williams wishes he were.

Thanks for the Climate Change, Algore
6 tips to keeping your vehicle safe in Arctic weather. Article by Eric Peters.

Many Levels of Secret Government
Russ Baker on the Deep State and the Bush crime family.

13 Ways To Keep Your House Warmer This Winter

And save money, too. Article by Jeremy Andenberg

Vitamin D Deficiency
It’s linked to neurological diseases, asthma attacks, and more. Article by Dr. Joe Mercola.