Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

The Plague of Grubers
Walter Willams on elite contempt for ordinary Americans.

Central Banks To Purchase All Privately Held Gold?
In an attempt to liquidate savings and force spending.

Obama’s Immigration Edict
It will cost $2 trillion in welfare.

Why Isn’t Malaysia on the MH17 Investigative Team?
Because it wouldn’t find Russia guilty in advance.

Will the Swiss Vote for Gold?
Or will they kowtow to the crony US-EU? Article by Peter Schiff.

All Citizens May Now Carry Firearms for Self-Defense
In Russia.

I Stopped Wasting My Time on Politics

You should, too, says Paul Rosenberg.

26 Things They Don’t Want You To Know

About regime ally, the Islamic State.

Thomas Friedman and John Kerry Promote Terrorism
Patrick Smith on the truth about the Middle East.

Baloney on the Potomac
Andrew Bacevich on 5 bedrock DC assumptions.

20 Tips for Staying Safe

At all times of the year, but especially during the Christmas season, says Bernie Carr.

Don’t Drink the Water
5 things you should know about toxic fluoride.