Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Never Forget the Communist Horror
Ralph Raico on Berlin.

War and the Tax Eaters
Against the rest of us. Article by Joe Salerno.

The Prospect of Nuclear War
Paul Craig Roberts on the imperial witch’s brew.

Am I Supposed To Be Afraid of Putin and Assad?
When the Great Father is a terrifying narcissist, says Jack Perry.

The movement grows with the overwhelming Catalonian independence vote.

The Market Reigns

No matter how powerful governments are. Claudio Grass interviews Ron Paul.

Is Switzerland Arming Itself?
In preparation for violent social unrest in Europe and an influx of refugees?

Las Vegas Gambling Pioneer
An enemy of the state. Article by Doug French.

A Defining Moment for Libertarians
When Ron Paul took on the GOP warmongers and their malicious foreign policy. Article by Andrew Moran.

Black Tuesday
The neocons won. Article by David Stockman.

Brazil Builds a Fiber Optic Network
To thwart the NSA. Article by Simon Black.

Facial Hair’s Formative Years
What the Vikings and the Romans did for male grooming.