Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

They Counted on a Puzzler
Gary North on why the Koch Brothers failed.

The US’s Vicious Colonial War
On Drugistan. Article by Eric Margolis.

The November Wars
They’re coming, and they’re not about elections, says Pat Buchanan.

CIA Drug Dealing
From “Kill the Messenger” to “Pinocchio.” Article by Nathan Kleffman.

Bust You For It Now, Tax You For It Tomorrow
Will Grigg on the insanity of marijuana prohibition.

The Biggest Crony Sports Scam of Them All
Ryan McMaken on the Olympics.

Pentagon to US Troops: Hide Your Identities
To avoid ISIL fighters who were trained by the CIA.

China’s Gold Strategy
Brilliant and consequential. Article by Alasdair MacLeod.

Are You a Top 10% Household or Just Getting By?
Charles Hugh Smith on how we're all sliding downhill.

Prostrate Yourself, Citizen
Paul Rosenberg on what the feds have in mind for you.

12 Essential Survival Items
For under $12 each. Article by Scott Kelley.

Colds vs. Flus
Dr. Joe Alton on how the symptoms differ, and the necessary precautions to stop their spread.