Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

How $10,000 in a Bank in 2008
Lost more than $7,000 in wealth. Article by Bill Sardi.

Just What Is IS?
Eric Margolis on the non-Islamic evil from Saudi Arabia and the US.

Sanctions Are Immoral
They target civilians, seeking to sicken, starve, and impoverish them. Lew Rockwell is interviewed by RT.

The Perverse Ingenuity of the Police State
Will Grigg on rustlers with badges.

Operation Mongoose and the Murder of JFK
Kennedy vowed to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces to stop its covert ops.

Gold Repatriation Stunner
Without a referendum, or logistic/diplomtic snags, the Dutch take back 122 tons from the NY Fed.

The OKC Bombing Cover-Up
Former counterintelligence officer calls for the truth. Article by Robert Wenzel.

So It Is Written, So It Shall Be Done
Pat Buchanan on Caesar Narcissus.

Sell, Sell, Sell
The central bank madmen are raging. Article by David Stockman.

Paid With Your Money To Steal Your Money
Martin Armstrong on government road pirates.

Can You Really Live Off the Land?
Fat chance, says Lisa Bedford.

Eat These 3 Delicious, Fatty Foods
And lose weight.