Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Alleged “Rape Culture”

-Scott Lazarowitz
Individualist feminist Wendy McElroy participated in a debate (video here) at Brown University with feminist Jessica Valenti. McElroy of course, being the more sensible of the two, asserts that there really isn’t a “rape culture.” She had this article in Reason regarding this debate and the statistics which just don’t back up the alleged existence of the so-called “rape culture.” I think that mainly they are talking about such a culture being on college campuses. But given the attitude against diverse points of view on college campuses these days, we can guess how this sort of debate will go, especially when some activists organized a response event to occur at the same time as this debate in a different room at the university. In fact, after McElroy gave her talk for about 23 minutes, her debate opponent Valenti came up to the podium and stated, “I think like a lot of people I’m exhausted of having to talk about rape culture in a framework that assumes its existence is up for debate.” Well, from what I’ve heard and read in recent years, there is more of a “hate men” culture than a “rape culture.”