Monday, December 22, 2014

Another Free eBook Coming -- Plus, My Most Personal Episode Ever

-Tom Woods
My Most Personal Episode Ever --

Can It Teach You Something?

In the process of doing my own 2014 year in review on my show last week, I shared some testimony about a serious personal failing -- my obsession with work. I shared it in the interest of honesty and to get it off my chest, but also because I know many people in our circles who have the same problem.

The show notes page for this episode has a list of everything I did this year. You're going to like these new show notes pages if you haven't seen them already. I craft them myself in order to enhance your experience of listening to the show. Everything discussed is there -- links to articles and books mentioned, guest information, related episodes, and more.

Whether or not you share my problem, I think you may find episode #309 interesting!

Coming Soon!

Another free eBook coming for you guys in 2015!