Friday, December 5, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

The Christmas truce movie.

License To Kill
Paul Craig Roberts on the police badge.

Private Volunteers Defended Businesses in Ferguson
Naturally, the government wants to destroy them. Article by Jack Perry.

CIA Killers, 1% Looters
Roger Stone on the latest attempt to whitewash the Bush crime family.

JFK’s Murder and the Magic Bullet Farce

The world’s fastest camera could end the key cover-up.

7 Worst New Car ‘Safety’ Features
Beware, says Eric Peters.

NY Times Liars Exposed
Finally, the truth About Ukraine and Putin emerges.
 Article by Patrick Smith.

Do You Support Open Carry?

Jeffrey Denning on 4 reasons he’s keeping his gun concealed.

2 War Parties
Tom Engelhardt on DC now, and in the elections to come.

Man Buys Tiny Island

Establishes his own country.

6 Alternative Grains

Without toxin and gluten problems. Article by Edward Group.

7 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

Joshua Krause on tools that keep the creeps from stealing your property.