Friday, December 19, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

A Manifesto for the Masses
Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s little anarcho-capitalist book can change everything, says Robert Wenzel.

Open the Door and Get Out of the Way
Ron Paul on better relations with Cuba.

Do Illegal Immigrants Steal Americans’ Jobs?
Only mercantilists believe that, says Gary North.

I’m Not Buying It
Not the Wall Street rip nor the Keynesian rap, says David Stockman.

The Fed on the Gallows
Its favorite maneuver is kaput, says Mike Oliver.

Financial Markets Are Manipulated
How long can central banks and their cronies keep it up? Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

Bank Runs
They stud American history. Are they also the American future? Article by Simon Black.

14 Sights To Catch
Before Cuba changes forever.

Time To Lay Off the Stolen Donuts
Cops are the fattest workers in America, economists the skinniest.

Got Motorheads on Your Christmas List?
Eric Peters has gift ideas for car guys.

10 Great Movies for Christmas
Have you seen them all?

Sneaky Toxins
12 ways they infiltrate your everyday life, by Edward Group.