Friday, December 26, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

The Taxi Driver’s Last Stand
Soon, no more government-guaranteed, above-market incomes, says Gary North.

Radical Candor
 and Radical Fun
A lost interview with Murray Rothbard on 101 fascinating things.

Defending Health Against the Government

Bill Sardi on what we all need to do.

The Old Afghanistan
Theodore Dalrymple remembers it before the Russian and US invasions.

Ways To Be Killed by the Cops
A fun list from Robert Wenzel.

The War on Drugs Is 100 Years Old
It’s only helped government and its prison-industry. Article by Mark Thornton.

The US and Saudi Arabia Colluded
To drop the oil price to hurt Russia and Iran.

The Ancients Knew, and So Did Napoleon
That torture produces no “intelligence.”

Shocking News
A US court ruled you can be “too smart” to be a cop.

Why Roman Buildings Last Thousands of Years

The secret ingredient is discovered.

Nagging Health Problems You Can’t Pin Down?

5 toxic chemicals that are probably in your personal care products.

The Amazing DIY Cold and Flu Bomb
This is unbelievably easy and effective, says Gaye Levy.