Monday, December 8, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Rape Hoax Exposed
Just another reason to hate boys, according to feminists. Article by Bill Anderson.

The Ultimate Intellectual Conman
Theodore Dalrymple on an ideal fraud.

Small Businessman Murdered by Tax Enforcers
Jack Perry on the real story of Eric Garner.

Ayn Rand’s Right-Hand Man
Butler Shaffer remembers Nathaniel Branden.

Government Cages
And the criminals in charge. Article by Chris Hedges.

The Oil-Drenched Black Swan
Has demand cratered? Article by Charles Hugh Smith.

Goldman Sachs Runs the NY Fed
Finally, the truth.

Avoid These Career Wreckers
How not to behave at the office Christmas party.

Danger Ahead
Axel Merk on gold, oil, the dollar, and the stock market in 2015.

10 Wonderful Cars
And their unique designs and qualities.

You Must Have Vitamin B12
17 signs of a deficiency that is easily rectified.

Avast Me Hearties
A man’s primer on rum, by Jeremy Anderberg.