Monday, December 15, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Thinkers Who Challenged the State
That coldest of all cold, cruel monsters. Article by David Gordon.

CIA Funding Is Unlimited
Forget the congressional “budget.” There’s drug running and so much else. Article by Peter Dale Scott.

Are Americans Monarchists?
Michael Warren Davis on our real royal family.

Farming Is the Future
For your finances and your family, says Jim Rogers.

How Close Are We?
To war and economic collapse. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

What Government Prosecutors Fear Most
Libertarianism and smart, brave, juries. Article by Bob Wenzel.

Pearl Harbor Was a Conspiracy
Justin Raimondo on how the criminal FDR tricked us into the disaster of WWII.

The De-Iceman Cometh
Patrick Smith on the travails of winter flying.

Be Antifragile, Men
6 ways to make yourself more resilient. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.

Wrap Christmas Gifts Like a Pro
Beautifully, quickly, easily.

Are Most Americans Totally Unprepared?
The recent California storm is an illustration, says Tess Pennington.

Grow Your Own Medicinal Garden
29 plants and the conditions they help. Article by Amy Alton.