Monday, December 29, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

The State’s Greatest Trick
David Gordon on Hoppe and democracy.

The Glorified Great War
And the horrific reality of the trenches.

Pinkos Produce Red Ink
HuffPo hasn’t made a profit in 10 years, says Gary North.

E-Residency for Foreigners

It’s now being offered by Estonia.

Sell, Trade, or Junk It?

Eric Peters on how to decide when it’s time.

The History of State Dept. and CIA Lies
And the victory of “perception management.” Article by Robert Parry.

Remember the Cars of the 1970’s?
10 features that they thought were luxury.

Bush-Clinton Dynasties
Dominate presidential polls.

10 Lies
Taught to us in school.

He Survived Another Year

41 Best Outer Space Movies

Of all time.

Too Much of the Sweet and Nasty?

Tess Pennington on 6 ways to detox sugar from your system.