Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Killer Cops and Rioting Mobs
Andrew Napolitano on civil unrest—past, present, and future.

US Soldiers Raped, Pillaged, and Plundered
To help Gen Sherman eradicate self-government. Article by Tom DiLorenzo.

You’d Better Obey, You’d Better Bow Down
Jack Perry on neocon Santa.

Violating the Teachings of Jesus Christ
Ron Paul on Evangelical warmongering.

Switzerland Is No Longer a Safe Haven
Peter Schiff on what the rejection of the gold initiative means.

Raising Children in a Police State
John Whitehead on the trials of parents in neo-America.

Totalitarian Travel
Michael Alford on the US as versus freer Communists and Muslims.

No War on Russia!
Hot or cold, says Dennis J. Kucinich.

How Propaganda Works
Robert Parry on the evil NY Times.

Spectacular Natural Phenomena
10 of the earth’s awesome wonders.

Shrinking Teeth, Big Nose?
What a face can reveal about health.

Are Men Over 60 More Attractive to Women?
Katherine Hawthorne on why they have the advantage.