Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Profiling Makes Perfect Sense
Don’t believe Eric Holder, says Walter Williams.

Does Free Trade Destroy Jobs?
Gary North on one of the stupidest economic myths.

The Forgotten Depression
Jim Grant explains it.

Did the GOP Tell the Truth?
Don’t make Laurence Vance laugh.

Shut Down the Whole Government
I can dream, can’t I, says Ron Paul.

The Oil Price Collapse
The puncturing of another Fed bubble? Article by Peter Schiff.

If We Have Government Cops
Let’s handcuff them, says Tim Hartnett.

Anti-Russian False Flag
Is the US insane enough to use a nuke in the Ukraine? Article by Stephen Lendman.

Dazzling and Dangerous
Taki on a youth spent playing sports, chasing girls, and reading great novels.

The Real Nature of Police Brutality in America
And the big problem on urban streets. Article by Robert Wenzel.

Will Austria Repatriate Its Gold?
The prospects look good, says Koos Jansen.

Don’t Fly Without These

In your carry-on bag, in case the SHTF. Article by Daisy Luther.