Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

American Presidents Are Dictators
And have been for a very long time. Article by Mike Rozeff.

Black Progression and Retrogression
Walter Williams on the politically incorrect truth.

Janet Yellen’s Sickening Gift
To her masters. Article by Ron Paul.

Is Bill Cosby Innocent?
And is Justin Bieber no worse than most guys? Article by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers.

The Cops Are Sacking Their Own Cities
To pay for their gold-plated pensions, says Martin Armstrong.

The Boston Marathon Bombing
A primer on official lies.

Why the US Aggression Against Russia?
Robert Barsocchini on risking nuclear annihilation.

The Sony Hacking Tale
It gets more bizarre by the moment.

Do You have an Every-Day Carry Kit?

Gaye Levy on 8 essential items for yours.

The Heaven-Sent Superfood

10 reasons to love chocolate.

Fiendish Christmas Test

Can you beat it?

Ear Aches and Infections
Avoid standard, barbaric approaches with these natural remedies.