Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

The Martin Luther King Murder Conspiracy
Exposed at a Memphis trial. Article by Jim Douglass.

Campuses Create Their Own Reality
Bill Anderson on the triumph of the false rape narrative.

Fight Classroom Idiocracy
With the literary canon, says Ilana Mercer.

A Russophobic Horror From Congress
Full of falsehoods and steeped in superpower hypocrisy, says Pat Buchanan.

American Greatness?
It’s increasingly a myth, says Kirkpatrick Sale.

Baseball Gets It Right, Unlike the US Government
Walter Williams on the rule of law.

National Socialism
That’s the full name and the substance of Nazism. Article by Charles Burrris.

When Should You Change Your Oil?
Don’t go by what the salesman or service advisor tells you, says Eric Peters.

The Shale Bubble Is Worse Than the Housing Bubble
Thanks, Fed, says David Stockman.

The Force That Powers Your Body
Margaret Durst on the importance of electrolyte minerals.

12 Christmas Gifts for the Healthy Chef
Many under $30. Article by Daisy Luther.

Potent, Natural Pain Killers
That are still legal.