Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Millions of Christians Are in Mourning This Christmas
Thanks to the US empire, says Daniel McAdams.

Legal Terror
Harvey Silverglate on what we face in the government-justice system.

I Wipe Away a Tear
As I remember the service of our military heroes, says Laurence Vance.

Worldwide Bail-Ins Are Coming
Get your money out of the banks while you still can, says Mark Nestmann.

Christmas 1914
The joy of peace.

The Case for Ebenezer
He was a good guy, says Butler Shaffer.

The ‘Exceptionalism’ of US Torture
Bill Blum on the empire's lies and despicable actions around the world.

A Chilling Video From Marc Faber
About the the immense bubble we’re in.

Did the US Shoot-Down Malaysia Air 370?
Former airline chief says he was warned not to investigate by spooks.

Just Try It for 30 Days

Give your body some super-greens and see how good you feel, says Margaret Durst.

Police Checkpoints: The State in All Its Glory
5 reasons why “I’ve done nothing wrong” is an invalid argument. Article by Daisy Luther.

Avoidable Death
Dr. Joe Alton on saving lives with meds that are readily available in veterinary form.