Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

That Pesky Napoleonic Code
David Hathaway on why Latin America resists DOJ imperialism.

Books Every Libertarian Should Read
Ron Paul on what and why.

My Business Is None of Your Business
Greg Morin on constantly having to bow down to the regime.

Jesse Ventura on the Fascist States of America.

Is White Racism the Cause of Black Riots?
Pat Buchanan says No.

The Anthrax Deception
The case for a domestic conspiracy.

Why Do Dropouts Do Better?
Martin Armstrong on the less indoctrinated and more imaginative.

Are Dark Pools Going Down the Drain?
Before they get blamed for the market collapse.

Why the Bullish Gold Reversal
Since the Swiss referendum went down. Article by Jeb Handwerger.

Those Bastard Tudors

What’s a Stye?

Dr. Joe Alton on how to prevent and treat an annoying eye problem.

How To Win a Gun Fight
20 tough rules for tactical shooters. Article by Jeffrey Denning.