Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ron Paul Calls Out Evangelicals Who Support War

-Charisma News
Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul claims that evangelical Christians are in the wrong when they support war and other heavy-handed tactics to advance America's national-security interests.

Paul espouses the view that war and strong-arm diplomacy, both part of the United States' "compulsion" to police the world, are fundamentally unsound policies.

Most disturbingly, he said, is that a vocal minority of the Christian evangelical community is strongly in favor of such foreign policy stances and considers die-hard support of Israel, for instance, to be a litmus test for any political candidate. Asked why some evangelicals have gone down a path of militarism, Paul does not even hazard a guess.

Paul discussed some of his core values as an American and as a human being. He offered insight on the problems facing the nation today, as well as reflections on his three failed presidential campaigns as a libertarian in an interview with FTMDaily's Jerry Robinson.