Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ron Paul on RT Discusses Ashton Carter, the New Defense Secretary

-Voices of Liberty
Ron Paul appeared on RT America to talk about the Department of Defense’s next secretary, Ashton Carter. Paul just yesterday wrote on the trouble of finding a replacement for outgoing Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Paul answered questions regarding Ashton Carter’s lack of military service and his worldview of “preventive defense.” He also addressed the likelihood that with a new president in a couple years, the Department of Defense may have its 5th secretary in eight years.

Takeaway Ron Paul quotes from the video:

“I sure don’t see [US policy towards Syria] de-escalating.”

“The American government is in a bind because they want to get rid of Assad and Assad is fighting our enemy, ISIS.”

“The policy’s so ridiculous. A guy like Carter is not going to straighten this out.”

“There’s always a connection behind the scenes between those who administer our policy and those people who make money off war.”