Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Libertarian Angle: Cuba Embargo

-Voices of Liberty
In the last two weeks we’ve had a major development. I think one of the most positive developments in the 25 years of the Future of Freedom Foundation’s existence, and that was this call to lift the embargo against Cuba, which we have opposed from the very beginning, which libertarians have opposed.

It went into existence in October of 1960 under the Eisenhower administration. It was continued by Kennedy administration. It has been expanded ever since by presidents. It’s not so much an attack on the Cuban people, which, of course, it is—that’s one part of the vice that has squeezed the life blood out of the Cuban society. The other side being, of course, Castro’s socialist system.

But the real grave part about this is the attack on the liberties and the property rights of the American people. Tune in above for the full discussion on The Libertarian Angle.