Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why Body Cameras Won’t Stop Police Militarization

-Ron Paul
It’s probably a good idea that the police wear body cameras. The more, the merrier. It’s also a good idea that citizens be prepared, in addition, at any time, to film the activities of police officers.

Common sense should tell us that police body cameras are likely to prevent police escalation of violence and serve as a deterrent to the use of excessive force. It can also serve the interest of a police officer who is not the cause of the confrontation when being attacked by a law breaker.

Common sense was not enough to satisfy everyone on the benefits of body cameras. A recent study by the University of Cambridge and others confirmed that it indeed does prevent escalation of conflicts with police officers in many cases.

Others challenge these results, including a claim the studies are biased and are used only to promote sale of cameras to all the police departments. Also, malfunctions of cameras can confuse the situation.

Police cameras will not solve the problems we all face from the police militarization that has engulfed the whole country. We do need as many citizens as possible to use their cell phone cameras to capture any questionable, police-initiated violence.

Since the police can never make us safe, we also need a clear understanding of the 2nd Amendment and a willingness of the citizens to exert that right.