Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why is Ukraine’s New Finance Minister a US Citizen?

-Ron Paul
Hello, everybody. Thank you for tuning in to the Ron Paul Channel. I want to talk a little bit today about Ukraine. Not that I haven’t talked about Ukraine in the past, but there’s an interesting incident that has occurred. There is a new finance minister for Ukraine. Believe me, they need a finance minister because that was the precipitating reason that we ended up getting involved in Ukraine and the fact that Ukraine that went bankrupt. The big decision was … is would the country lean toward Europe or lean toward Russia? The country split on it, and we got involved. Anyway, the finance minister is very, very important. After getting rid of Viktor Yanukovych, we were able to get very much involved and try to build up the western part of Ukraine. Of course, it precipitated a civil strife within Ukraine, the Russian speaking people against the European leaning group in the west.

But there’s a new finance minister being appointed. That’s what I want to talk about. The headline is “Ukraine’s Made-in-the-USA Finance Minister”. They’re getting a finance minister, but it’s made in the USA. How could that be, because we would not violate the sovereignty of Ukraine. Only the Russians do that. But we have. We pull off a coup with the help of Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt who were caught planning this thing. Yet, it’s only the Russians ever involved in violating the sovereignty of Ukraine.

Here, we have a finance minister by the name of Natalie Jaresko. Guess what? She’s a US citizen. She still is a US citizen, but just a week or so ago, within days of her being appointed as a Finance Minister, she got Ukrainian citizenship. She’s lived over there. It’s not like it was a strange place, and she just popped out of nowhere. She’s lived there, but she’s not a Ukrainian citizen. A matter of fact, right now, she’s a dual-citizen which is only permitted for a short period of time because she eventually has to give up one. I think she has two years to give up the US citizenship. I predict she won’t. She’s going to do all her dirty deeds in Ukraine in the next two years and build her financial contacts, and she’s probably going to leave.

Anyway, she’s the new finance minister, and she’s very controversial. Robert Parry wrote a great article investigating her background. It turns out that she’s been involved in monetary affairs and politics in that region since the breakdown of the Soviet system. She was working with the USAID and the distribution of this aid, but the story that Robert Parry tells is she’s very much involved, and she isn’t doing charity work, and some of the money went to an investment fund that she own. His claim is that she benefited to the tune of over a million dollars or maybe a lot more through this funds, but that’s just minor. She can still be a finance minister for what we need over there. Maybe that background actually gave her an endorsement in that she can do the bidding of our government.

She will be there running this thing, but I think that this makes a very strong point. First, we had the conversation with Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt. Nuland, assistant Secretary of State and Pyatt was the US Ambassador of Ukraine. They had this conversation and said, “Let’s get rid of this government, Yanukovych, and we’re going to do this.” Now, we have this US citizen, somebody that works for the … Has worked for our State Department and maybe she’s very much involved in the wrong use of these funds. I would say there’s a bit of hypocrisy, and nobody wants to be a hypocrite. That’s such a nasty word to say that Russia has violated the sovereignty of Ukraine.

Likely up for debate, but to pretend that we’re not doing the same thing and to pretend that we didn’t really do a lot to precipitate this because when the coup came, the United States government, the European Union, and NATO were all involved in this. What did we have ever since? We’re still back to finances. It will be interesting to see what happens with Natalie Jaresko as the finance minister, but believe me, it’s not going to be smooth sailing for them. It’s not going to be smooth sailing for us because quite frankly, we’re getting to the point where we can’t afford this type of mischief for very much longer. Anyway, thank you for tuning in today, to the Ron Paul Channel, and come back soon.