Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#Declassify 9/11 Because the American People Deserve It

-Ron Paul
I want to talk a little bit today about a piece of legislation introduced early in this new session of Congress. It was introduced by my friend Walter Jones along with Steven Lynch and Bob Graham. Bob Graham is a former Senator, Steve is a Congressman from Massachusetts, and of course my friend Walter is from North Carolina.

They had a similar bill like this in the last Congress, and I’ve talked about it and encouraged people to support it and talk to their Congressman about it. The number on that is H. Res. 14. It has to do with declassification of 28 pages that they have refused to declassify, although it was a report to the Congress, and it was a report on what was going on after 9/11. It was classified by the President Bush early on when it came out.

It was continued with President Obama. The Congressmen are allowed to read this, although they are not allowed to relate to us what it is, but the ones that have looked at it, especially Walter Jones, says there’s stuff in there the American people deserve to know.