Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is The FBI Busting Terror Plots or Creating Terror Plots?

-Ron Paul Institute
Last week's arrest of 20 year old Ohio resident Christopher Lee Cornell for allegedly plotting to shoot up the US Capitol was yet another in dozens of spectacular FBI takedowns of dangerous homegrown terrorists out to do us harm. Or was it?

As has been the case at least 49 times since 9/11, these bone-chilling terror plots are actually conceived by the FBI and sold to usually a hapless target, often one with severe financial and/or mental problems.

Such appears to be the case with Cornell, who was unemployed, living with his parents, and spending his days in the fantasy world of endless video games. Until he met an FBI informant. Soon he had purchased two AR-15 rifles, 600 rounds of ammunition, and, we are told, determined to commit a terrorist act against the US Capitol.

His father is not buying the government's story, claiming son Christopher is a "peace-loving momma's boy."

RPI Director Daniel McAdams joins Ben Swann to discuss this strange phenomena of the FBI actually developing terror plots and selling them to carefully selected targets via coercive and incentivized informants.